Strategic management support

Equilibrio has experienced that many leaders become engrossed in the demands of daily challenges. They lose track due to their operational focus. In reality the company has no leadership. The present situation with the economic crisis makes this painfully obvious.

Equilibrio supports leaders in :

  • In defining strategic priorities.
  • Taking a step back from daily life to re establish an over all view.
  • Keeping calm in a crisis.
  • Acknowledge and take the necessary decisions in the situation.

Telge Hovsjö
In Equilibrio we offer Strategic Management Support. An example of this is Telge Hovsjö.

Hovsjö is an apartment complex area with 5000 occupants. Approximately 60% of the adult population is out of work. There are almost no ethnic Swedish occupants in the area. The area has been for some years plagued by criminality, vandalism and confrontation between young people and the police. Up until 2008 the situation became more and more problematic. In March 2007 there was a confrontation between 72 policemen and some of the young people from the area. After this the owners of the apartment complex had had enough and they contacted Equilibrio in an effort to solve the problem through dialogue.

Telge Hovsjö AB use our competence primarily through the complexes director Patrik Derk. Equilibrio began by analysing the problems in the area. The conclusion was that the young people in the area only had respect for the adult criminals in the area. The cooperation between Patrik Derk and Equilibrio started by investigating the possibility that the criminal leader might be able and willing to initiate contact with the youth of the area. An unusual cooperation was established. Many people where critical of this, among others the police, but now 2 years later everyone experiences the initiative as a success.


VD Telge Hovsjö Patrik Derk

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