Development of research enviroment


The SuMo Biomaterials centre at Chalmers is a collaborative effort between industry and academy with the prospect to address the challenges required to design new, smart and innovative so-called soft biomaterials of benefit for our society.
Lars Rokkjaer is a key person in our program. Much thanks to him we continuously reassess the strategy of organization in terms of following our vision and goal of the centre.
We develop ourselves as human beings and, maybe most importantly, we actively work towards developing a culture, a culture of openness.
Lars has also helped us when it comes to defining meaning for the academy and value to industry and society. We have improved our ability in attaining a balance between these two very important aspects, which is what leadership in collaborative research program between industry and academy is all about.

- Magnus Nydén
Director of SuMo and Professor of Surface Chemistry at Chalmers