It began in Skultuna

Skultuna was our first cultural change process. I an intensive cooperation between Equilibrio and hundreds of teachers and pre school teachers in Skutuna, the Communicative Pedagogy was born. This process is intensively discribed in the phd written by Elisabeth Cederwald Malmö Högskola 2006 : Reflesion och Självisikt i “Den Kommunikativa Pedagogikken”


Teachers from Skultuna created a private school based on The Communicative Pedagogy:

Skultuna - New Teaching Coriculum
Af Ola Antonsson

In 1994 Sweden established a new teaching curriculum. This curriculum moved the focus of teaching from result orientation to the thought process that leads to the result. We did not know how to make visible the children's thought processes, and how we would make the children conscious of their own thought process or how we could change the thought system a child had. We found that ability and knowledge in Lars Rokkjær.


Reflection is enormously important, this Skultuna’s leader group from the children and youth department, is in complet agrement upon. From the left Monica Pettersson, Kerstin Svensson, Carina Sandstrom and Peter Hakansson

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A culture grows forth in Kristianstad

Equilibrio has completed many processes since Skultuna and in each case the result has been a more appropriate culture growing within the work place, local area or at home.
Here is an example from an EU project in Kristianstad Sweden. The project started in the spring of 2009.

A culture where people really listen to each other, creates better schools:

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