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LennartSH200Tribute to Lennart Söderbäck

My dear friend and colleague Lennart Söderbäck has past away after a long illness .

You were never known among the general public in the same way as Nelson Mandela, but we never doubted Lennart, you were our Mandela.
We recognized the same human qualities in you that most of the world recognised and celebrates in Mandela.
Just as him you mastered the difficult art of forgiveness and you accepted the unacceptable.

The listening culture would never have arisen without you Lennart. With your amazing empathy and ability to reach out to the people you met, you gave them the opportunity to verbalize their thoughts, feelings and dreams.

Tomas Tranströmer wrote :
Two truths approach each other .
One comes from within
one comes from outside
and where they meet one has a
chance to see oneself.

When people met you Lennart, they got a chance to see the best human version of themselves.
We all went away richer after having met you Lennart.
Therefore, you will live on through all of us who met you.

I met you in 1995.
It was the beginning of an adventure for both of us.
You took me on a journey to  discover myself. Your gentle hand led me to my "inner diamonds ". Your ability to rejoice together with me, over the good in me, made me believe in " my diamonds " to such an extent that I could manifest them everyday for the benefit of myself and others.
Our journey together was long Lennart, yet too short, because I would love to have spent much more time with you.
You were one of the everyday heroes who never made the headlines, but for us who met you, you were the greatest.
No one was untouched after having met you.

Blessed be your memory  Lennart .

Your friend in eternity
Lars Rokkjær

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