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Istvan Moldovan Interviews Lars Rokkjaer (Regarding the B75 Training Camp)

The interview, gives a great insight into the character and philosophy of Lars...Read More

Everyday culture must develop our competencies

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Meaningfulness - Continuity


If we want to make a
difference, we have to be
the difference.

It is a fantastic task: 
Making it possible for Industry and Academy working together creating Innovations through World class research.



Hovsjö, Fosie och Biskopsgården
- projekt för storstadsinsatser
Storstadsutveckling innebär en social och fysisk mobilisering av utsatta miljonprogramområden. I Södertälje och Göteborg har EU-stödet bidragit till fysiska investeringar. I Malmö tas erfarenheterna tillvara i fem nya områdessatsningar ... read more...


At Tibbleskolen the Green room is ready,

Openness in Collaboration

LarsRokkjaerThe Wark is conducting a new leadership course for all staff and students. Facilitated by organisational consultant, Lars Rokkjaer, we will use this knowledge to optimise our scientific excellence and engagement with industry. Find out more...

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